We have answered some of the Frequently Asked Question for your convenience


How do i donate?

Please visit our Donation form https://hillalcharitable.org/donation-form/

Can you help me to donate?

Why not ? You can call me any time 571-422-6283  , Or please mail me info@ hillalcharitable.org I will reply you as soon as possible.

I don't have much money. Can I still help?

Yes ,You  can do it?

How can I be sure my online donation has been accepted?

If you entered a valid email address, you will receive a message confirming your donation.

If you don’t receive an email within about 15 minutes, please contact us to request a confirmation of your donation.

Does the Hillalchartiable accept donations in kind (food, water,Health etc.)?

Yes , we are accept donation such as Food ,Water , Health ,Education Community etc. You also can give your Zakat , Sadaqa , Fidya ,Kaffara ,Zakat al Fitar Udhiya etc.

Have a Any Option to Donate by Bank or Zelle

Yes , You can select offline Donation and than you get these information.