Current Crisis

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu dear brothers and sisters,

Hillal charitable foundation has been helping the needy since 4 years in afghanistan, with school fee, water wells, food, meds, ramadan rashan and other basic nessacities of life.
Todays situation is worse than ever people are begging for help and its a known fact to all. Due to the severe economic crises and lake of work opportunities, they are struggling for basic necessities of life specially water, food and medicine. One cannot imagine the difficulties women and children are facing. I urge you all with pain in my heart and i am compelled today to shake your souls and ask you to please donate even if it’s a dollar.
Remember, helping or doing something on time is valuable not after that. This is the time they need us, they need us so bad that i cannot explain in words as my heart cuts into thousand pieces.
If this situation does not shake our imaans then it is the time to think what is the purpose of our deen and life.

Jazaakamullah khairan